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James Farm at Portland Jazz Fest: Nothing Tentative

on February 28, 2011

James Farm—Joshua Redman, Aaron Parks, Matt Penman, and Eric Harland—performed at the Newmark Theater on Sunday as part of the 2011 Portland Jazz Festival.


"Summertime it wasn’t but that’s the way the show began, with one of Gershwin’s major contributions to the Great American Songbook, reports Oregon Music News' Jack Berry. "'Summertime' was the first and last tune most people in the large and ready to roar audience had ever heard before. All four members of the band are composers and there was nothing tentative about the original creations.

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Portland Jazz Festival: Joshua Redman – best of both worlds

on February 26, 2011

James Farm—Joshua Redman, Aaron Parks, Matt Penman, and Eric Harland—will perform at the Newmark Theater in Portland, Oregon, on Sunday as part of the 2011 Portland Jazz Festival. Redman spoke with Oregon Music News writer Jack Berry about the upcoming show, his father Dewey, and how he came to his own career in music.


"If your interest in the Redman story is strong, you’ll want to listen to Joshua talk," writes Berry. "Joshua not only discusses the evolution of interplay between musicians with striking eloquence, he describes the pivotal decision of his life.

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Mercury News: Joshua Redman goes solo in Bay Area

on January 13, 2011

Berkeley native Joshua Redman is in the Bay Area this week to perform two shows: a solo set at the Montalvo Arts Center in Saratoga and a quartet show at Zellerbach Hall in his hometown of Berkeley on Saturday, January 22. In advance of the rare solo show, Redman spoke with the San Jose Mercury News' Andrew Gilbert about what goes in to going it alone on stage.


"This is only my fourth solo performance ever, and it's going to be challenge," Redman tells Gilbert. "I don't know this space, and the acoustics of the room play a big part in my musical choices.


"I'm thinking of playing tunes

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Rolling Stone India: Joshau Redman Trio Completely Dazzling

on November 01, 2010

The Joshua Redman Trio—featuring Gregory Hutchinson on drums and Matt Penman on bass—played two shows in Mumbai, India, in September, at the NCPA and the Blue Frog.


"Joshua Redman's two shows in Mumbai were the finest in Mumbai in a long time," raves Rolling Stone India's Sunil Sampat. "Beyond category. This is an expression borrowed from Duke Ellington when he was describing a recording by Ella Fitzgerald that must have pleased him immensely."


The two Mumbai shows, Sampat writes, "were indeed, 'beyond category.' It was arguably some of the finest jazz heard in Mumbai in a long time.

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Joshua Redman Joins Alabama Symphony for Avner Dorman Concerto Premiere

on October 29, 2010

Joshua Redman joined the Alabama Symphony Orchestra on Thursday for a program that featured the world premiere of Avner Dorman's Concerto for Saxophone and Orchestra.


"The circumstances for the premiere could not have been more auspicious—an orchestra with a recent ASCAP award for adventurous programming, a renowned jazz saxophonist making his debut as an orchestral soloist, and a series known for success in areas most symphony orchestras fear to tread," writes the Birmingham News' Michael Huebner.



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