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Joshua Redman turns Grace Cathedral into his living room

on February 27, 2010

Joshua Redman gave a rare solo concert at San Francisco's Grace Cathedral Friday night for the SFJAZZ Spring Seasons. It was only the second time he had done so, following the time a decade ago.


San Jose Mercury News music critic Richard Scheinen, in his review, promises that "people will be talking about Friday's sold-out concert for years to come."


Scheinin explains: "Redman spent much of the time walking around the cathedral while playing, encircling the audience with music, giving a rich intimacy to the event, despite Grace's vast spaces.

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James Farm wants to get Istanbulites’ toes tapping

on February 04, 2010

James Farm—featuring Joshua Redman, pianist Aaron Parks, bassist Matt Penman and drummer Eric Harland—will perform at Iþ Sanat Cultural Center in Istanbul on Saturday night. In advance of the concert, Penman spoke with Today's Zaman's Rumeysa Kiger about how the organic origins of the band and why the musicians work together as well as they do.


“As a rhythm section Aaron, Eric and I had played together a lot, and I think there’s a lot of mutual admiration there," Penman says.

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James Farm at Salle Pleyel, "Musicians at the Top of Their Game" (All About Jazz)

on January 26, 2010

James Farm—featuring Joshua Redman, pianist Aaron Parks, bassist Matt Penman and drummer Eric Harland—performed at Salle Pleyel in Paris on January 16, launching an international tour.


"The group dynamic really shone on the groove pieces," writes All About Jazz reviewer David Miller. "James Farm the collective was on full display, especially on the set-closing 'Polliwog.' Each group member was permitted to play to his strengths—Harland and Penman laying down the foundation, Parks coloring the composition and Redman just straight blowing.

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Joshua Redman Makes His Move on "Compass," Says Open Letters

on January 01, 2010

Joshua Redman performed songs from his latest album, Compass, at Dimitriou's Jazz Alley in Seattle. In an extensive article on the performance and the new album, Open Letters writer John G. Rodwan, Jr. also delves deeper into Redman's past and the musicians who came before him.


"Guts, inventiveness, intensity and an eager engagement with tradition brought Redman the notice he sought," Rodwan writes. "He aimed for a spot on jazz’s Mount Rushmore alongside Rollins and Coltrane, and his clean-shaven head just might make it there, if critical accolades offer any indication."


Rodwan later

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Joshua Redman Trio: Stars, Keys, and Hutch (NPR Jazz)

on October 24, 2009

The Joshua Redman Trio—featuring bassist Matt Penman and drummer Gregory Hutchinson—performed at the Jazz Standard in New York on Thursday as part of a five-night residency at the venue.


The set "showed tremendous equipoise," says Josh Jackson of A Blog Supreme: NPR Jazz, "and the saxophonist wore the boutonniere of stardom so nonchalantly as to render it a useless ornament. Strangely, this five-night run marks his first appearance at the club.



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