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Joshua Redman Makes His Move on "Compass," Says Open Letters

on January 01, 2010

Joshua Redman performed songs from his latest album, Compass, at Dimitriou's Jazz Alley in Seattle. In an extensive article on the performance and the new album, Open Letters writer John G. Rodwan, Jr. also delves deeper into Redman's past and the musicians who came before him.


"Guts, inventiveness, intensity and an eager engagement with tradition brought Redman the notice he sought," Rodwan writes. "He aimed for a spot on jazz’s Mount Rushmore alongside Rollins and Coltrane, and his clean-shaven head just might make it there, if critical accolades offer any indication."


Rodwan later

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Joshua Redman Trio: Stars, Keys, and Hutch (NPR Jazz)

on October 24, 2009

The Joshua Redman Trio—featuring bassist Matt Penman and drummer Gregory Hutchinson—performed at the Jazz Standard in New York on Thursday as part of a five-night residency at the venue.


The set "showed tremendous equipoise," says Josh Jackson of A Blog Supreme: NPR Jazz, "and the saxophonist wore the boutonniere of stardom so nonchalantly as to render it a useless ornament. Strangely, this five-night run marks his first appearance at the club.

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Redman Brings "Warm, Impassioned" Sax to Indianapolis (Indy Star)

on September 20, 2009

The Joshua Redman Trio—featuring bassist Matt Penman and drummer Gregory Hutchinson—performed songs from Redman's latest Nonesuch release, Compass, at Clowes Hall in Indianapolis on Saturday night.


"Redman has worked well with pianists in his fast-paced career but is currently wrapping both his troubles and his triumphs in pianoless dreams," writes Indy Star's Jay Harvey in his review of the concert. "Bassist Matt Penman and drummer Gregory Hutchinson provide all the complementary colors and interplay the leader could want. The title tune of current CD Compass displayed his warm,

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Joshua Redman at Montreal Jazz Festival (All About Jazz)

on July 08, 2009

Joshua Redman has performed two of three shows at the Monteral Jazz Festival, both at Gesú Centre de Créativité with a third to come at Place des Arts. On July 4, he performed with a new quartet featuring pianist Aaron Parks, bassist Matt Penman, and drummer Eric Harland. All About Jazz editor John Kelman asserts that "if its 80-minute set was any indication of how this group is going to sound with a few more dates under its collective belt, then this may well be one of the most exciting new acoustic jazz groups to emerge in recent years."


Redman "played with an uncharacteristically fierce

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Joshua Redman's "restless musical energy" (Montreal Gazette)

on July 03, 2009

Joshua Redman, whose latest album, Compass, features a double-trio line up of bassists Larry Grenadier and Reuben Rogers and drummers Brian Blade and Gregory Hutchinson, recently spoke with the Montreal Gazette's Juan Rodriguez about the album and much more in advance of his upcoming performances at the Montreal International Jazz Festival.


"When it’s suggested to Joshua Redman that his latest album, Compass, may well represent a new artistic plateau for him—just the saxophonist accompanied by the rare set-up of two sets of standup-bass-and-drums," Rodriguez writes, Redman demurs, arguing



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