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Joshua Redman Takes Trio to New Heights on "Compass" (Glide)

on February 23, 2009

Joshua Redman talks with Glide magazine about his new album, Compass, and its particular double-trio format and "the thought processes before, during and after the new album was recorded, without destroying the mystery at the heart of his music," writes Glide's Doug Collette.


"Joshua Redman returned to the acoustic realm of modern jazz in 2007 with Back East where his playing carried a definite sense of breaking free from preconceptions, self-imposed and otherwise," writes Collette. "The saxophonist’s new album Compass extends that sensation of abandon in no uncertain terms."



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Redman Gives "The Show of His Life" with Double Trio at Berklee (Boston Globe)

on January 26, 2009

Joshua Redman and his double trio—drummers Brian Blade and Gregory Hutchinson and bassists Larry Grenadier and Reuben Rogers—featured on his new album, Compass, performed music from the album at the Berklee Performance Center in Boston on Thursday, giving "the show of his life," raves the Boston Globe's Steve Greelee.


"Redman has always been an entertaining musician, but Thursday he played more confidently and powerfully than ever," says Greelee. "The five musicians didn't play together the whole night; they often broke into various incarnations of a sax-bass-drums trio.

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Joshua Redman "Builds Off Success" for "Compass" (Springfield Republican)

on January 25, 2009

"When a jazz trio works out well, then why not take things a step further by expanding the combo to a double jazz trio?" asks Kevin O'Hare of the Springfield Republican in Western Massachusetts. "That's what sax great Joshua Redman did with his new album Compass."


O'Hare explains: "Building off the success of the Sonny Rollins-influenced sax/bass/drums trio that he used for his 2007 disc Back East, Redman doubled up for this follow-up.

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Redman fans flame of jazz fire at Berklee (Boston Herald)

on January 24, 2009

Joshua Redman and the double trio from his new album, Compass—drummers Brian Blade and Gregory Hutchinson and bassists Larry Grenadier and Reuben Rogers—performed music from the album at the Berklee Performance Center in Boston on Thursday.


"With a revolving cast of four of the best rhythm section players in the business ... and with all four joining him at times, Redman navigated a constantly changing rhythmscape with the serene intensity that has marked his career," writes the Boston Herald's Bob Young.


"His soprano sax infused two stunning ballads with a mood-altering ethereal

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Redman Makes "Most Riveting, Daring Statement of His Career" on "Compass" (PopMatters)

on January 23, 2009

"Joshua Redman is not trying to make a statement," writes PopMatters' Will Layman in an extensive article on Redman. "But, you might argue, the saxophonist’s intentions are often to no avail. With his new recording, Compass, Redman set out to make a second consecutive album of saxophone trio music, but the project would end up featuring a 'double trio' on many tracks—an innovative arrangement with two bass players and two drummers playing at the same time. It is the most riveting and daring statement of Redman’s career."


Read Layman's analysis of the new album, where it fits into Redman's



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