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Joshua Redman "has never sounded more at ease" Than on "Back East" (NY Times)

on December 23, 2007

On his new album, Back East, Joshua Redman works in an acoustic-trio setting, mixing originals with standards chosen in homage to the sax players who’ve inspired him, including his late father Dewey.


He "has never sounded more at ease than he does here," writes the New York Times music critic Nate Chinen, "engaging with a few different bass-and-drum teams. A fleeting taste of his father, the saxophonist Dewey Redman, in his last studio appearance, raises stakes as well as hairs."




Chinen's Times colleague Ben Ratliff reviews the album as well.

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Redman Trio "not only exceeds but upends expectations" in Brazil (JazzTimes)

on December 01, 2007

The Joshua Redman Trio performed songs from Redman's latest album, Back East, at the Festival Tudo é Jazz in Ouro Preto, Brazil, this past fall. For all the musical offerings of that country, "the most unforgettable set was provided by homeboy Joshua Redman," writes JazzTimes' Gary Giddins in his review of the festival.


"That album, released in April, is one of Redman’s best, and last summer he gave a bold account of it at Town Hall as part of the JVC Jazz Festival," says Giddins.

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Redman is a class apart (Evening Standard)

on November 23, 2007

The Joshua Redman Trio, featuring bassist Reuben Rogers and drummer Greg Hutchinson, performed at the Southbank Centre's Queen Elizabeth Hall as part of the London Jazz Festival.


"At his best, Joshua Redman seems a class apart for technique, invention and artistry," writes Evening Standard's Jack Massarik in his review of the concert. "This US maestro has contemporary saxophone covered. He can do screams, honks and circular-breathing arpeggios with the best of them but merely as adjuncts to streams of wondrously clean, original ideas."


Read the complete concert review at

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Redman Talks Backstage with DownBeat About "Back East"

on September 01, 2007

Joshua Redman spoke with DownBeat's Aaron Cohen before a performance at the Ravinia Festival outside Chicago in June. The two discussed Redman's latest album, Back East, in a "Backstage with ..." interview for the magazine, touching on such topics as why pianoless trios are so uncommon in jazz ("Because it's friggin' hard!"), the internatinoal influences on the new album, and lessons he learned from his father Dewey, who appears on the album.


"I learned so much playing with him. It was inspiring, but also humbling and intimidating," Joshua Redman tells DownBeat. "All of his wisdom, soul and

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Earning His Spurs: Joshua Redman finds himself in Sonny Rollins's Oklahoma!, OK!

on July 17, 2007

By Francis Davis
The Village Voice

Whatever your opinion of the movers and shakers of '60s and '70s free jazz, you can't say they didn't pass on good genes. Start with Ravi Coltrane, Nas (the son of cornetist Olu Dara), and Deval Patrick (governor of Massachusetts and the offspring of a Sun Ra saxophonist). Charnett Moffett, Neneh and Eagle Eye Cherry, and Josh and Petra Haden are all progeny of Ornette Coleman's original inner circle–not to mention Ornette's own flesh and blood, Denardo.

Also from Coleman's extended clan, there's the late Dewey Redman's son, Joshua, also a tenor saxophonist,



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