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Inspired trio sound

on June 07, 2007

By Beth Peerless
Monterey County Herald

The Joshua Redman Trio played to a full house at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center's early show Monday. The Berkeley-born and raised saxophonist is in the early stages of a tour to support the recent Nonesuch Records release "Back East," his 11th recording as a leader. With him were bassist Reuben Rogers and drummer Eric Harland.

The esteemed small ensemble worked together as equals, giving the audience its all with a set consisting primarily of songs from the new album.

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Redman moved by life and death

on May 31, 2007

By Andrew Gilbert
San Jose Mercury News

Standing on the cusp of life and death, Joshua Redman decided to face his musical fears, plunging into a situation he had long avoided.

For the Berkeley-raised, Harvard-educated tenor sax star, 2006 was a tumultuous year. He witnessed the birth of his son, Jadon, and the passing of his father, saxophone great Dewey Redman. His previous project, the groove-oriented Elastic Band, was moving to the back burner, and the time seemed auspicious to tackle a daunting musical situation he associated with jazz legends like Sonny Rollins and Joe Henderson.

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Joshua Redman: Takes On The Challenge of the Trio

on May 28, 2007

By R.J. DeLuke
All About Jazz

Joshua Redman, one of the most consistently creative musicians of his generation, a fiend on whatever saxophone he chooses to pick up, and a thoughtful, imaginative person, is at it again. He's not re-inventing the wheel, he says with a chuckle when discussing Back East (Nonesuch, 2007). But this exploring musician has gone back to an acoustic format. Specifically, a piano-less trio, the type of thing Sonny Rollins wowed critics with in the 1950s. Others have done it too.

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CD Reviews: Joshua Redman

on May 27, 2007

By Lee Hildebrand
San Francisco Chronicle

Improvising without the aid of a chordal safety net supplied by a keyboardist (or guitarist) in the rhythm section has been a challenge for jazz horn players ever since Sonny Rollins traveled from New York to Los Angeles a half-century ago and recorded the album "Way Out West" with just a bassist and drummer.

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Joshua Redman (show review)

on May 12, 2007

By Matt Schudel
The Washington Post

Since winning the 1991 Thelonious Monk competition at age 22, saxophonist Joshua Redman has carried the burden of high expectations. He's been hailed as a savior of jazz and battered by the inevitable critical backlash. Redman has made a triumphant return to form with his new album, "Back East," a straight-ahead jazz excursion that is his strongest recording in years.

Thursday, during the first of four nights at Blues Alley, Redman and his trio offered an exhilarating, dynamic performance that should make believers of even his harshest detractors.



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