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  • May. 21, 2015

    The Bad Plus Joshua Redman, whose self-titled debut album is due out next week in North America and June 8 elsewhere, performed at the Detroit Jazz Festival in 2014, when Redman was Artist in Residence there. NPR's Jazz Night in America was there to capture the new quartet, fresh out of the studio. Watch the performance and an interview with the band here. The new album is streaming in full till May 25 as an NPR First Listen. The quartet kicks off a tour at the Blue Note Jazz Festival on June 10.

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  • May. 18, 2015

    The Bad Plus Joshua Redman's self-titled, debut album is due out next week and is streaming in full till then as an NPR First Listen at The album is "a roaring and beautiful summit meeting," says NPR's Tom Moon. "The ideas are impressive by themselves, but become more powerful as Redman and the rhythm section go about developing them ... [T]he real triumph of The Bad Plus Joshua Redman: It exhibits genuinely fresh thinking." The album, he concludes, "draws on a range of old ideas (as old as Chopin nocturnes and '60s rock) as fuel for a journey into the murky, terrifying, thrilling unknown."

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  • April. 30, 2015

    In February 2015, Joshua Redman traveled to Myanmar (also known as Burma) with the International Rescue Committee to visit IRC-run maternal health and community engagement programs. He spoke with villagers who were building roads and water systems based on community consensus gained through an election organized by the IRC—giving some villagers the chance to vote for the very first time.


    Joshua became an IRC Voice in 2013 as an advocate and spokesperson for the world’s most vulnerable populations.

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  • April. 07, 2015

    In 2011, The Bad Plus invited saxophonist Joshua Redman to join them for a week of enthusiastically received performances at the Blue Note in New York City. They then played a handful of dates before heading into the studio last year to record their debut album, The Bad Plus Joshua Redman, which Nonesuch Records releases on May 26, 2015 (June 8 outside of North America). Pre-orders at iTunes and at include an instant download of the album track "Dirty Blonde," written by bassist Reid Anderson, which you can hear below. Seven of the nine tracks on The Bad Plus Joshua Redman are

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  • February. 19, 2015

    Joshua Redman has been nominated for the ECHO Jazz 2015 Award for International Instrumentalist of the Year, Saxophone/Woodwinds, for his album Trios Live, released last year on Nonesuch Records. The ECHO Jazz Awards, presented by the German Recording Academy, will take place at the Blohm + Voss shipyard in Hamburg on May 28.

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