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  • June. 27, 2014

    Joshua Redman's new album, Trios Live, is a "sax fan's dream of a live set," says the Guardian in a four-star review. "Joshua Redman, one of the most technically accomplished saxists in jazz today, parades his powers on this live set ... [He] performs with a skill that sometimes justifies comparison with early Sonny Rollins—notably on the old Rollins vehicle 'Moritat (Mack the Knife),'" and "the crowd goes wild." Jazzwise writes: "Anyone who's seen Redman, especially live, will know about his forceful sonic presence and eloquence at reinvigorating a familiar jazz language while always remaining mindful of its more contemporary shifts."

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  • June. 17, 2014

    Joshua Redman's Trios Live is out now. The album was recorded at Jazz Standard in NYC and Blues Alley in Washington, DC, during stands with two different trios: Redman and drummer Gregory Hutchinson with bassists Matt Penman (Jazz Standard) and Reuben Rogers (Blues Alley). The Financial Times gives the album four stars: "It’s a great set, full of muscular rhythms and the abandon of live performance, yet as tightly argued as a rigorous studio date." "The spirit in these live performances," says the Buffalo News, "is steadfast and superb." Get Trios Live from iTunes or the Nonesuch Store, where

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  • April. 30, 2014

    Joshua Redman has joined forces with the International Rescue Committee to become an IRC Voice to help raise awareness of the needs of refugees and others who have been impacted by war and disaster. “I've been greatly impressed with the depth of the International Rescue Committee’s devotion to human beings and the breadth of its work in defense of human dignity,” Redman said. As an IRC Voice, he plans to travel with the IRC to Africa later this year.

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  • April. 24, 2014

    Nonesuch Records releases saxophonist Joshua Redman’s Trios Live on June 17, 2014. The album was recorded at New York City’s Jazz Standard and Washington, DC’s Blues Alley during stands with two different trios—Redman and drummer Gregory Hutchinson with bassist Matt Penman (Jazz Standard) and Redman and Hutchinson with bassist Reuben Rogers (Blues Alley). Trios Live features four original tunes by Redman and interpretations of three additional songs. The album is available for pre-order at with an instant download of Redman’s song “Soul Dance” from the record, which you can hear

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  • January. 22, 2014

    Joshua Redman and his Quartet are set to launch their 2014 US tour with two sets at the Iron Horse Music Hall in Northampton, Massachusetts, on February 6, followed by four sets at Jazz at Lincoln Center in NYC, and a night at Wolf Trap outside DC. Redman recently spoke with Wolf Trap’s writer/editor Marisa Beahm Klein in praise of the quartet and gives some insight on what to expect from the upcoming shows, including music from his latest album, Walking Shadows.

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