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Joshua Redman Elastic Band: Momentum

on July 01, 2005

By John Kelman
All About Jazz

While some many pine for the glory days of the '50s when jazz was more "pure," the reality is that, artistically speaking at least, the present is a great time for jazz. A more cosmopolitan affair than ever before, jazz has seen younger artists grow up with exposure to so many styles of music- inside and outside of the jazz tradition- that there's a steady osmosis allowing for the kind of cross-genre infiltration that makes for all manner of new and exciting music.

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Playing the Diplomatic Changes

on May 27, 2005

By Ben Ratliff
The New York Times

The saxophonist Joshua Redman is one of the most visible jazz musicians of the last 15 years, which says something not just about his natural flow as an improviser and his command as a bandleader, but also about his willingness to use words. The chance to represent jazz to the outside world involves a certain amount of rhetoric, and Mr. Redman has risen to that challenge in a friendly, nearly guileless way.

Since at least 1996, when he released "Freedom in the Groove," Mr.

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Redman's Elastic Band Makes "Richly Layered Music" on "Momentum" (SF Chronicle)

on May 22, 2005

Joshua Redman makes his Nonesuch Records debut with the release of Momentum, his second outing with keyboardist Sam Yahel and the Elastic Band.


"Equally fluent in the idioms of Ornette Coleman and James Brown, Joshua Redman has cooked up a bracing batch of music deftly integrating acoustic and electric sounds, organ-trio funk and full-throttle improvisation, live playing mixed with overdubs and electronic effects," writes the San Francisco Chronicle's Jesse Hamlin.



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