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The Bad Plus Joshua Redman Kicks Off Tour


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on June 09, 2015

The Bad Plus Joshua Redman, which released its self-titled debut album on Nonesuch Records last month, takes the music on the road as the band—Redman and The Bad Plus bassist Reid Anderson, pianist Ethan Iverson, and drummer David King—kicks off a tour featuring music from the new album. The tour begins with two sets at the Highline Ballroom in New York City Wednesday night for the Blue Note Jazz Festival, followed by shows in the US and festival sets across Canada through June. The quartet then heads across the Atlantic to start the month-long European leg of the tour at the Love Supreme Jazz Festival in England on July 4. The US tour picks up again in October with more performances to be added soon. See below for all of the currently scheduled dates from The Bad Plus Joshua Redman. For additional shows from Redman and his Trio and James Farm, visit the tour page.


Bassist and composer Reid Anderson recently spoke with WBGO's The Checkout about his work as a composer, not least on The Bad Plus Joshua Redman, which includes seven new compositions by the quartet members and two new arrangements of Bad Plus favorites. You can hear the Anderson-penned album track "Dirty Blonde" below, and hear the interview at


"The inventive saxophonist and the restless piano trio demonstrated their compatibility on their new album, The Bad Plus Joshua Redman," says The New Yorker. "Full of genre-blending compositions and crafty rhythms, the record shows that they are jazz outliers who remain primed for adventure."


"The album is a knockout," exclaims the New York Times. "It is impressive how much vital presence [Joshua Redman] brings to the Bad Plus without altering the band’s dynamic." It's "a roaring and beautiful summit meeting," says NPR. "The ideas are impressive by themselves, but become more powerful as Redman and the rhythm section go about developing them ... [T]he real triumph of The Bad Plus Joshua Redman: It exhibits genuinely fresh thinking."


To pick up a copy of The Bad Plus Joshua Redman, head to iTunes or the Nonesuch Store, where CD orders include a download of the complete album at checkout; the album is also available to purchase there in HD digital.




Jun 10 Highline Ballroom, Blue Note Jazz Festival New York, NY
Jun 11 Albany Riverfront Park Albany, NY
Jun 12 The Hamilton Washington, DC
Jun 13 World Cafe Live Philadelphia, PA
Jun 18–21 Jazz Alley Seattle, WA
Jun 23 Victoria International Jazzfest Victoria, BC
Jun 24 TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival Vancouver, BC
Jun 25 Saskatchewan Jazz Festival Saskatookn, SK
Jun 26 Edmonton International Jazz Festival Edmonton, AB
Jun 28 Montreal International Jazz Festival Montreal, QC
Jul 4 Love Supreme Jazz Festival East Sussex, UK
Jul 4 Banco Sabadell Vijazz Penedes Penedes, SPAIN
Jul 5 La Defense Jazz Festival Paris, FRANCE
Jul 6 Copenhagen Jazz Festival Copenhagen, DENMARK
Jul 7 Jazz Open Stuttgart, GERMANY
Jul 8 Enjoy Jazz Summer Mannheim, GERMANY
Jul 10 Istanbul Jazz Festival Istanbul, TURKEY
Jul 11 North Sea Jazz Festival Rotterdam, NETHERLANDS
Jul 13 Umbria Jazz Festival Perugia, ITALY
Jul 14 Montreux Jazz Festival Montreux, SWITZERLAND
Jul 16 Molde Jazz Molde, NORWAY
Jul 18 FiJazz Alicante Alicante, SPAIN
Jul 20 Villa Arno Albinea, ITALY
Jul 22 Langnau Jazz Nights Langnau, SWITZERLAND
Jul 24 Anfiteatro Rastatt Fano, ITALY
Jul 25 Heineken Jazzaldia San Sebastian, SPAIN
Jul 27 Jazz in Marciac Marciac, FRANCE
Oct 16 Symphony Center Chicago, IL
Oct 18 Center for the Performing Arts Carmel, IN
Oct 25 Berklee Performance Center Boston, MA
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The Bad Plus Joshua Redman
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