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  • May. 23, 2011
    JazzTimes: James Farm Is a Very Cool Album

    James Farm—the collaborative band featuring Joshua Redman, Aaron Parks, Matt Penman, and Eric Harland—released its self-titled debut album April 26 on Nonesuch Records.


    "Joshua Redman, one-fourth of the new collective band James Farm," writes JazzTimes' Thomas Conrad in his review of the new album, "has always belonged to a select group of jazz musicians able to attract a broad audience without dumbing down the art form. The basis of this gift is mysterious, but probably has something to do with always telling stories and communicating the joy of playing music."


    On the new album, "the band reaches out to a wider world through 10 diverse, intriguing originals that boast melodic clarity, rhythmic allure and improvisational concision," says Conrad.


    "Whether this quartet achieves anything like popular acceptance is in the cruel, arbitrary hands of the record gods," he concludes. "But James Farm is a very cool album."


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