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  • December. 23, 2007
    Joshua Redman "has never sounded more at ease" Than on "Back East" (NY Times)

    On his new album, Back East, Joshua Redman works in an acoustic-trio setting, mixing originals with standards chosen in homage to the sax players who’ve inspired him, including his late father Dewey.


    He "has never sounded more at ease than he does here," writes the New York Times music critic Nate Chinen, "engaging with a few different bass-and-drum teams. A fleeting taste of his father, the saxophonist Dewey Redman, in his last studio appearance, raises stakes as well as hairs."




    Chinen's Times colleague Ben Ratliff reviews the album as well. While the traditional sax trio has been around for quite some time, "when it's done this well, you can forget about all the other things jazz could or should be doing," writes Ratliff of Back East. "Here Mr. Redman compresses his goals, leaves distractions behind and makes the most agile and personal record of his career."


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