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  • August. 12, 2014
    Joshua Redman's "Trios Live" Earns Fours Stars from BBC Music Magazine, All About Jazz

    Joshua Redman's new album, Trios Live, released this past spring on Nonesuch Records, was recorded during stands with two different trios—Redman and drummer Gregory Hutchinson with bassists Matt Penman (at Jazz Standard in NYC) and Reuben Rogers (at Blues Alley in Washington, DC)—and features four original tunes by Redman and interpretations of three additional songs. The album has now received four-star reviews from both BBC Music Magazine and All About Jazz.


    BBC Music Magazine gives four stars to both the performance and the recording on Trios Live. Reviewer Garry Booth lauds Redman's "athletic, exuberant and all-consuming extemporization" on the album, calling it "a thrill-a-minute set." Read the complete review in the latest issue of the magazine, out now.


    All About Jazz, in its four-star review, says Redman "has continued to develop as a leader in jazz since the 1990s. He's created a name as a consummate artist through rigorous work." Reviewer Mark F. Turner writes of the new album: "Redman's definitely got the fire and burns hot as coals in Trios Live which captures the essence of his unbridled abilities as musician and performer ... Redman is in his element."


    Turner cites the trio's take on "Mack the Knife," with its "gorgeous solo full of breath and nuance," as a showcase for Redman's "talented showmanship" and his band mates' "flawless timing," and calls particular attention to the performance of Led Zeppelin's "The Ocean" as the piece that "steals the show." The song is "transformed from power rock to hard groove ... The musicians jam freely and the crowd at the Jazz Standard react with wild applause dispelling the myth that you can't party to jazz music."


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    To pick up a copy of Trios Live, head to iTunes or visit the Nonesuch Store, where CD orders include free MP3 downloads of the complete album at checkout.