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Still Dreaming Performs "Walls-Bridges" Live in Marciac, Adds Tour Dates


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on June 14, 2018

Joshua Redman, drummer Brian Blade, bassist Scott Colley, and trumpeter Ron Miles, whose new album, Still Dreaming, was released on Nonesuch Records in May, performed songs from the album and more at last year's Jazz in Marciac festival. They recently released a video of their Marciac performance of the album track "Unanimity," and have now shared a video from Marciac of the non-album track "Walls-Bridges," which you can watch below. The song was written by Ed Blackwell, Cameron Brown, and Dewey Redman.


Still Dreaming was inspired by the band Old and New Dreams, of which Joshua Redman's father Dewey Redman was an integral part. Old and New Dreams had an all-star lineup of Ornette Coleman collaborators: Don Cherry, Charlie Haden, and Ed Blackwell. The new album features six new compositions by the new band plus one tune by Haden, one by Coleman. To pick up a copy of Still Dreaming, head to your local record store, iTunes, Amazon, and the Nonesuch Store, where CD and vinyl orders include a download of the complete album at checkout. The album also can be heard on Spotify and Apple Music.


For tickets to see Redman perform live, including previously announced performances by the Still Dreaming band in Cleveland, Minneapolis, Iowa City, and Newport in the weeks ahead, and newly announced shows in San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Seattle, Toronto, and Vancouver this fall, with more still to come, visit the tour page.




Jun 23 Bing Concert Hall* Stanford, CA
Jun 24 Boulder Theater* Boulder, CO
Jun 29 The Ohio Theatre** Cleveland, OH
Jun 30 Dakota Jazz Club** Minneapolis, MN
Jul 1 Iowa City Jazz Festival** Iowa City, IA
Jul 6 Getxo Jazz^ Getxo, SPAIN
Jul 7 Noches del Botánico^ Madrid, SPAIN
Jul 10 Suggia Room, Cada de Musica^ Porto, PORTUGAL
Jul 13 Funchal Jazz Festival^ Funchal, PORTUGAL
Jul 15 North Sea Jazz Festival^ Rotterdam, NETHERLANDS
Jul 17 Umbria Jazz^ Perugia, ITALY
Jul 18 Nice Jazz Festival^ Nice, FRANCE
Jul 19 Montalcino Jazz & Wine Festival^ Montalcino, ITALY
Jul 21 Souillac en Jazz^ Souillac, FRANCE
Jul 24 Festival All Stars^ Paris, FRANCE
Jul 25 Jazz La Spezia^ La Spezia, ITALY
Jul 26 Langnau Jazz Nights^ Langnau, SWITZERLAND
Jul 27 Dinant Jazz Festival^ Dinant, BELGIUM
Jul 28 Dinant Jazz Festival Dinant, BELGIUM
Jul 29 Dinant Jazz Festival Dinant, BELGIUM
Aug 3 Newport Jazz Festival** Newport, RI
Aug 11 Skaneateles Festival* Skaneateles, NY
Sep 11 Wigmore Hall^^ London, UNITED KINGDOM
Sep 13-16 Miner Auditorium, SFJAZZ Center** San Francisco, CA
Sep 17 Kuumbwa Jazz Center** Santa Cruz, CA
Nov 10 Koerner Hall, Royal Conservatory** Toronto, ON
Nov 12 The Triple Door** Seattle, WA
Nov 13 Chan Shun Concert Hall** Vancouver, BC
Jan 31 Jefferson Center* Roanoke, VA

* Joshua Redman Quartet feat. Aaron Goldberg, Reuben Rogers, Gregory Hutchinson
** Still Dreaming feat. Ron Miles, Scott Colley, Brian Blade
^ w/Billy Hart Quartet
† Joshua Redman Trio feat. Reuben Rogers and Gregory Hutchinson
‡ w/Philip Catherine Quartet
^^ w/Ola Kvernberg

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