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  • January. 31, 2019

    Nonesuch Records releases the Joshua Redman Quartet’s Come What May on March 29, 2019. This is the first recording in almost two decades for this group of musicians: the recently Grammy-nominated saxophonist and his longtime friends and colleagues pianist Aaron Goldberg, bassist Reuben Rogers, and drummer Gregory Hutchinson. Previous releases were Beyond (2000) and Passage of Time (2001). The Quartet, which has toured internationally over the last several years, recorded seven Redman tunes for Come What May.


    The Guardian has called Redman “one of the 21st century’s finest jazz improvisers,”

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  • December. 07, 2018

    Still Dreaming, the 2018 album from Joshua Redman, drummer Brian Blade, bassist Scott Colley, and cornetist Ron Miles, has been nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Jazz Instrumental Album! The album was inspired by the band Old and New Dreams, of which Joshua Redman's father Dewey Redman was a member. That band had an all-star lineup of Ornette Coleman collaborators: Don Cherry, Charlie Haden, and Ed Blackwell. Still Dreaming features six new compositions by the new band plus one tune by Haden, one by Coleman.


    The 61st Grammy Awards will take place on Sunday, February 10, 2019, broadcast

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  • June. 14, 2018

    Joshua Redman, drummer Brian Blade, bassist Scott Colley, and trumpeter Ron Miles, whose new album, Still Dreaming, was released on Nonesuch Records in May, performed songs from the album and more at last year's Jazz in Marciac festival. They recently released a video of their Marciac performance of the album track "Unanimity," and have now shared a video from Marciac of the non-album track "Walls-Bridges," which you can watch below. The song was written by Ed Blackwell, Cameron Brown, and Dewey Redman.


    Still Dreaming was inspired by the band Old and New Dreams, of which Joshua Redman's

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