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  • April. 02, 2020

    Joshua Redman will join San Francisco Conservatory of Music as Artistic Director of Roots, Jazz, and American Music. The RJAM program is a collaboration between SFCM and SFJAZZ. “When we launched RJAM three years ago, we set out to create an innovative program that would prepare the next generation of jazz musicians for multifaceted, entrepreneurial careers,” said SFCM President David Stull. “Building the program with our faculty and watching our first RJAM students flourish has been tremendously rewarding. Now with Joshua Redman at the helm, our students have direct access to some of the greatest minds—and players—in jazz.” Redman will share his expertise with students in one-on-one sessions, studio classes, ensembles, and lectures.

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  • March. 23, 2020

    The members of the original Joshua Redman Quartet—Redman (saxophone), Brad Mehldau (piano), Christian McBride (bass), and Brian Blade (drums)—reunite with the July 10, 2020 release of RoundAgain, the group’s first recording since 1994’s MoodSwing. The album features seven newly composed songs: three from Redman, two from Mehldau, and one each from McBride and Blade. A live version of Redman’s “Right Back Round Again” may be seen below, in a video directed by Matthew Beighley; the album version is available today here along with the album pre-order.

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  • November. 20, 2019

    Joshua Redman Quartet's new album, Come What May, has been nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Jazz Instrumental Album! The first album in almost two decades from this group of musicians—the saxophonist and his longtime friends and colleagues pianist Aaron Goldberg, bassist Reuben Rogers, and drummer Gregory Hutchinson—features seven Redman tunes. The album was released on Nonesuch Records in March to critical acclaim. "Nothing beats the cool confidence of a band who have spent years on the road,” says the Times. “It also helps that the seven Redman tunes here are so good ... Four men

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