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  • April. 14, 2016

    Following his recent European tour, Joshua Redman is back in the United States to reunite with The Bad Plus, kicking off a seven-city tour at The Kennedy Center's Crossroads Club in Washington, DC, on Friday. The quartet then heads to Missouri for shows in Kansas City and Columbia and a two-night run in St. Louis, followed by shows in Chicago, Buffalo, and Ann Arbor. The musicians head to South America in May for shows in Argentina and Brazil, and return to the US in June for a set at the Hollywood Bowl as part of the Playboy Jazz Festival.

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  • February. 11, 2016

    The ECHO Jazz 2016 Award nominations have been announced by the German Recording Academy, including three nominations for Joshua Redman projects: International Saxophone Instrumentalist of the Year for his work with James Farm on their latest album, City Folk; International Ensemble of the Year to James Farm itself for City Folk; and International Ensemble of the Year for The Bad Plus Joshua Redman and their self-titled debut album.

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  • December. 07, 2015

    Joshua Redman has been nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Improvised Jazz Solo for his tune "Friend or Foe" from the self-titled debut album from The Bad Plus Joshua Redman. The album was released on Nonesuch Records in May to critical acclaim, with the New York Times calling it "a knockout" and NPR calling it "a roaring and beautiful summit meeting." It has now landed on Best of the Year lists from MOJO, which includes it among the Top 10 Jazz Albums of 2015, and PopMatters, which has named it the No. 1 Best Jazz Album of the Year. "Together," says PopMatters, "the band is particularly

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