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  • June. 30, 2015

    The Bad Plus Joshua Redman, whose self-titled debut album was released to critical acclaim on Nonesuch Records last month, has unveiled a brief video of the group at Brooklyn Recording studio as they made the album. You can watch the short piece, set to an excerpt of the album track "As This Moment Slips Away," penned by Anderson, here. The band kicks off a European tour on Saturday, July 4. The US tour picks up again in October.

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  • June. 09, 2015

    The Bad Plus Joshua Redman kicks off a tour featuring music from its newly released self-titled debut album. The tour begins with two sets at the Highline Ballroom in NYC Wednesday for the Blue Note Jazz Festival, followed by shows in the US and festival sets across Canada through June. The European leg of the tour begins at the Love Supreme Jazz Festival in England on July 4. The US tour picks up again in October.

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  • May. 22, 2015

    The Bad Plus Joshua Redman, the debut album from the eponymous quartet, is out now in North America (June 8 for the rest of the world). "The album is a knockout," exclaims the New York Times. "It is impressive how much vital presence [Redman] brings to the Bad Plus without altering the band’s dynamic." It's "a roaring and beautiful summit meeting," says NPR. "The ideas are impressive by themselves, but become more powerful as Redman and the rhythm section go about developing them ... [T]he real triumph of The Bad Plus Joshua Redman: It exhibits genuinely fresh thinking." The Bad Plus Joshua Redman begins a world tour in NYC June 10.

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